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Demographics and more

Podmetrics also gives you insights on your listeners’ demographics information like where they’re from, how old they are, and what they’re using to listen to your show.

Why do you need Podmetrics?

Podmetrics makes it easy to access your podcast’s data so you can focus on creating.

We get data from Spotify, Anchor, Chartable, Facebook, and even YouTube (coming soon!) to help you understand how your shows are doing and how to make it better.

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Analytics You Can Get from Podmetrics

Podmetrics Marketplace

Through the Podmetrics Marketplace, we help match your podcast with the right brands and advertisers so you can monetise faster and easier.

Podcast Performance Forecasts

Mosquito or tortoise? How long your podcast show lasts depends on how well you understand its performance. Podmetrics has a built-in A.I. engine to predict whether your podcast will fly or die.

Upcoming Features

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"I think we can change the way we approach our recordings with the help of Podmetrics. The program will help us adjust to what listeners want to hear and more."

- Steven Tan, The Geeky Juans

"Podmetrics offers the analytics features we need for our podcasts. It gives you a broader visual on various channels, and the metrics presented by the tool will definitely help you gauge how the show's performing."

- Yuri Mangahas, AFK Muna


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